Logo Designs

A church logo is a unique opportunity to visually summarize what a church believes, teaches, and confesses. It may help a church to construct a positive and uniform image for itself, to generate interest, and to serve as a starting point for evangelizing the unchurched. If you are interested in commissioning a logo design for your church, please contact me via email.

For more detailed information about what is involved in commissioning a logo from me, I've written two in-depth blog posts on the topic: Part 1 details the creative aspects; Part 2 deals with copyright, payment, and legal matters.

Seal Designs

A seal is an official identifying mark, especially of schools and institutions of public office. The ancient practice of pressing a seal into clay or wax to indicate authenticity has fallen out of common use; however, in the United States, the seal is often used simply as an identifying emblem. It may still be embossed onto official documents if desired, or used as a watermark.