These illustrations were commissioned for "Messiah: the Greatest Sermon Ever Sung," an illustrated companion to the oratorio by G.F. Handel. The book provides theological notes, background information, and artistic observations that follow Handel's music. The book may serve as an aid to personal devotion or to group Bible study. The illustrations are digital from start to finish. The book, by Rev. Tony Pittenger, is available for purchase on Facebook.

The Stick & the Stone

These illustrations were created for a children's book by Rev. Joel Pankow. The story is about an Israelite boy and his interactions with Moses in the Desert of Sinai. Moses' staff and the miracle of water from the rock serve as illustrations for the means of grace—God's use of ordinary things to accomplish our salvation. The illustrations are done in watercolor, with digital alterations. The book was published in 2013, and is available for purchase on Amazon and other retailers.